Mike Iverson

First post: Jun 19, 2019 Latest post: Aug 10, 2019
Mike Iverson had a very tragic fireworks accident on Saturday, June 15th. As a result he lost his entire right hand and it's looking promising that he will save three fingers on his left hand. Mike is an artist and a carpenter and he has a long road to recovery ahead of him! Thankfully he has a good attitude.

Note from Mike:

While the internet and its tactile facilities can be a great way to gather, store and dispense information and worthy of financial support, I become resentful when the more confusing, one could say almost sinister side rears its ugly fangs. When I read this facilities request that $30 a month will help keep Mikes story up and running I felt that my situation and the agonies of many countless tragedies were being exploited by this site. I do not want to tell anyone how to manage their money but if a donation, in whatever form, to my personal recovery is what you'd like to do the link below should get you there. All donations of words , time or money are greatly appreciated.