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WHY Caring Bridge… Michael Paul (MP) has many family and friends who love him.  We have decided using the Caring Bridge site will be the most accurate and expedient way for everyone to receive updates on MP and the family at the same time. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. We look forward to sharing these with MP.   WHAT Happened… On Monday, 6/22, MP had a seizure while riding in a car.  We are thankful he was not driving.  MP was taken to HCA Clear Lake ER.  MP had a second seizure while in the ER.  Subsequent CT and MRI scans revealed a 4.6cm and 3 smaller masses within MP’s brain.  On 6/24, after stabilization and careful planning the neurosurgeon removed as much of the abnormal tissue as was safely possible.  The nature of these masses did not allow complete removal of the abnormal tissue.  We were aware prior to surgery that removing all abnormal tissue was not a possibility.  The surgeon’s report today was a 90-95% removal of the mass per follow-up MRI.  WE ARE PRAISING THIS AND CALLING IT A SUCCESSFUL SURGERY!!!!!  MP remains in the ICU.  He has had a tremendous day of recovery.  He has a few small hurdles to jump prior to being discharged.  We are hopeful he is in his own bed by Saturday.  Prior to surgery MP was experiencing speech, visual, and memory defects as well as word confusion.  Post-op all of these defects remain but are VERY much improved.  Again, we are thankful.   THE MASS… We know everyone is ready for a definitive diagnosis on the abnormal tissue.  Because of the characteristics seen on the CT/MRI scans and with visual inspection, both the neurosurgeon and the oncologist are as sure they can be (without formal pathology reports) the tissue is malignant(cancerous).  As much as we would love to hope they are wrong (believe us, they would be happy to be wrong as well) we are ready to face the days ahead with your support and God’s guidance.  Final pathology and DNA breakdown of the tissue will take approximately 2 weeks to process.  At that time well will know what the treatment plan will be.   THE Future… As you can imagine, much of our future is uncertain to us.  We know God has His plan and are ready to meet whatever is thrown in front of us.  Please continue to keep Michael Paul, Brandi, Wensty, Shaylen, Morgan, Mikah, and Miley in your prayers.  Regardless of the cell he is dealing with, the road ahead is most surly filled with chemo and radiation.  All the traumas that go along with receiving and care-giving and running a household will be exhausting for all of us.   We look forward to and will cherish every message you leave.