Mike Irey

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January 26, 2022

Dear friends,

I wanted you to hear from me.  I received some rather shocking and scary news this week from my doctor.  I have been diagnosed with a form of stomach cancer.  It's treatable and we have gotten with a KU Oncologist team that is the best around.

I will be following their prescribed treatment plan which will most likely include Chemotherapy.  I told Vicki that if I loose my hair I'm thinking about getting a Bob Ross afro wig.  So if Bob Ross say's Hi to you, know that it's just me.  Don't worry we've got this.  With Vicki leading us through the many hoops and doctor's appointments I think we have things under control.  

We will keep you informed as we take this journey.  If you would like to do something for us, perhaps send a little prayer our way.

Mike (aka Bob Ross)