Mike Adamski Mike Adamski

First post: May 5, 2019 Latest post: May 9, 2019
As many of you know Mike has been experiencing health issues since the late fall of 2018. After a gallbladder misdiagnosis, it’s been discovered that Mike’s body is instead fighting his liver due to a condition called Autoimmune Hepatitis - Autoimmune Liver Disease. 

Unfortunately due to the timing between his original misdiagnosis in 2018 and his recent diagnosis, the disease has progressed past a point of being able to heal itself and Mike has been recently been added to the organ transplant list - being prioritized due to his condition worsening.

As we all know Mike is an outgoing, hardworking sportsman who enjoys living the simple life with his family. Like most who have had to deal with a medical crisis, Mike never imagined being put in this position and certainly isn’t prepared financially for what has happen and is to come.