F U Cancer MI Homemade

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Our Well Wish to everyone:

I hope for everyone that is just starting out on this journey to understand that there is no finish line; there is no light at the end of the tunnel where one day things will finally go back to normal.
This is your life now & that is ok! You are forever different, forever changed & that isn't a bad thing!
You look at life differently now, you see everyone in your life differently now. You get get take off those Rose colored glasses & see things a little more clearly for what they are now. 
Sometimes that might help you to realize how much people really mean to you & it makes you appreciate the opportunity to spend time with them more.
Other times it might help you see through someone else's bullshit because ain't no one got time for that no more! 
Now you get to do you. 
You feel this obligation to yourself to find out what you really enjoy in life, what makes you, you. What you should have been doing this whole time. 
You realize that you only have one chance everyday to live your best life regardless of your circumstances and love every minute of it but none of it is promised to anyone.
No matter how rich & powerful you are, how popular you've become; you can't buy love & happiness and if you can figure out how to appreciate that everyday; it's more priceless than all the riches in the world.
God bless & be well🙏💕