Miguel Torres

First post: Nov 21, 2020 Latest post: Mar 24, 2021
Dearest family and friends - We are using this site to keep family and friends updated about Miguel/Dad/Papi in one place, this is NOT a solicitation for donations or financial support. We appreciate all the kind words of hope and encouragement over the past few weeks as we have faced the unexpected. To scale back on the amount of phone calls/texts/emails we send to provide updates, we will be using this site for the most up to date info. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to leave comments. We may not respond to each one but we assure you we are definitely reading them all!!

For those who do not know the history, Miguel went into the hospital on Tuesday, November 10th for a procedure (TAVR) to fix a weak valve in his heart. The surgery was successful, but his already weak kidney (singular) has not been able to process the toxins from the dye necessary for the procedure. He has remained in ICU under the care of the expert doctors and nurses at TidalHealth in Salisbury, MD. Due to COVID we are not able to visit him, but have been able to FaceTime and talk on the phone a few times. He is also very confused, not fully understanding where he is and why.  Dialysis was started this week in addition to more oxygen and respiratory therapy. Once his lungs are clear and his kidney is able to handle cleaning his blood properly, we can start thinking about his transition home. We know he is a fighter and will get through this so he can be home with Christine, see his daughters, grandchildren, and all of his friends and family that care deeply for him. 

You are welcome to call or text Mercedes (Cede) at 202-468-2202 or Gretchen at 203-804-8033 with questions. We will regularly update this site with news of Miguel’s path to recovery. Cards may be sent to him at home, and Christine will drop them off every few days. Please let Gretchen or Cede know if you need the mailing address. 

Please keep the prayers and positivity coming!

Much love,

Christine, Gretchen and Cede