Maisy Yates Mighty👣Maisy

First post: May 11, 2020 Latest post: May 21, 2020
Welcome to my CaringBridge page. My name is Maisy Jeanne...but they call me Mighty Maisy. I made my way into the world on May 2nd,2020 when my Mommy, Emily, was just 26 and a half weeks pregnant with me. See Mommy had fell down some concrete steps on her way to work one morning about 2 weeks before I was born. She went to the hospital and they took pictures of me and said I was fine. But on April 30th Mommy started bleeding and having bad contractions so she went to the local hospital where they told her she was already dilated and I was trying to come out. They transferred Mommy to a big hospital just for tiny babies like me and said she had to stay there til I was delivered. It was a scarey few days for my Mommy and my Daddy, Grayson, They had to go through all that alone because the Covid virus made the hospitals have very strict rules. They made mommy stay in bed and take lots of medicine so I wouldn't come out. At 26 and a half weeks they didn't know if I could survive or not if I wasn't in Mommy's tummy. As scarey as it was, I was born. I am at a great hospital and I am growing like I should but I do get sick sometimes. I breathe on my own and just need a machine to blow air into my lungs to keep them open. I can't eat but they give me Mommy's breast milk through a tube in my mouth. Sometimes I forget to breathe. I am trying really hard to get big and strong because I want to go home to live with Mommy and Daddy. They love me so much and love to visit me but it's very expensive for them to travel back and forth. Only one is allowed to see me at a time because of the Covid rules so when one is in the room with me the other has to sit in the car because no one is allowed in the hospital. Sometimes they get a hotel room so they can see me several times a day, but that is expensive too. My mommy can't go back to work right now because she works with people and if she's around them she can't come see me. My family helps as much as they can. I'm little but I'm smart and I know it takes alot of money to get ready for when I come home. Everyone is doing the best they can because they love me so so much. So this page was started to try to get Mommy and Daddy some help. Not just with money but with thoughts and prayers too. See I'm a miracle baby so I know the thoughts and prayers work, so me and my family appreciate those too. It all helps me stay strong so I can grow and go home. The doctors say I have to stay here atleast til when Mommy was supposed to deliver I'm stuck here til August. I am hoping you will enjoy following my journey and watching me grow because I'm pretty cute and very sweet. Thanks for getting to know me and I hope that we can be friends.