Michelle Walker Michelle Walker's Journey

In September of 2020, Michelle found a giant lump on her breast. She scheduled an appointment to see her doctor right away. After weeks of testing, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. The doctors told her that if she were to of had this 10 years ago, it would have been a death sentence. Thank God that technology has come so far these past 10 years and now she has an 80% chance of surviving this. And, SHE WILL!!! This journey will be a long one for her mentally, psychically, emotionally, and financially. She will be fighting through 6-8 rounds of intense chemo. Then, in March, she will be having a double mastectomy. She will have 3 surgeries all together. Michelle isn't the type to ask people for help, but she will need some. Even with great health insurance, she has to pay a big percentage of her treatments. Anything helps. Even words of encouragement and funny memes! I know she appreciates all of the love and support so much.