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First post: Sep 17, 2019 Latest post: Aug 5, 2021
On September 5, 2019,  Michelle was on her way to a life long dream (and well planned out) bucket list trip to Africa for a 3 week safari trip.   Her specific desire was to see the elephants in Thula Thula game reserve. 

Unfortunately Michelle started experiencing a headache and when she arrived in Africa was unable to start her trip.  She eventually went to the hospital where she became unresponsive.  on Tuesday Sept, 10th.,  her husband, Kevin,  had to take an emergency flight to Africa to be with her. 

Throughout the next few days many tests were completed and it was determined she had a brain aneurysm.   They attempted to do surgery but they were unable to complete the repair.  She will now need to be Medi-Evac'd to a different hospital that can handle the other 2 procedure options in Europe or USA.  

(NOTE: Although originally diagnosed as a brain aneurysm, that was changed. Michelle got infected with West Nile Virus, either in Los Angeles County or in Tulare County. It is all over California - but interestingly not in the African countries Michelle was visiting on her trip. Most people would not get sick enough to go to their doctor about it, but with Michelle's purposefully suppressed immune system the West Nile Virus ran amok, causing damage to her nervous system. She does have an aneurysm, but the Neuro-Trauma team at UCLA do not believe that it burst. Meanwhile, she tested positive for the presence of West Nile Virus antibodies.)