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First post: Sep 4, 2019 Latest post: Sep 12, 2019
To most to know her and love her, Michelle is the one who brings everyone together, whether it's to motivate her team or rally support for a friend or family member. Her giving and generous spirit is what makes her the goofball we all have come to love...Now in a most strenuous and scary situation, that responsibility falls to her family. In the mid-afternoon of Labor day of this year, Michelle fell in her home of sudden cardiac arrest. Though her loving partner, Jim, was able to perform CPR and get the ambulance to her in record time, Michelle is now fighting for her life. The family and friends who are able to make the trip to Atrium Medical Center here in Charlotte, North Carolina are welcome to visit, at the discretion of her daughter Allie, son Bobby and mother, Jeanne. And while this is an intensely trying time for our family, your thoughts and prayers are very appreciated as well as your well wishes through this website. Please check for updates through this website in lieu of directly contacting the family as this will be the best avenue to cover everyone's questions and concerns. Michelle is always quick with a joke, and would tell you that this isn't anything but her coming to work on her day off. Let's get her home so she can finally finish that Labor Day feast she was working so hard on. Love to all, Michelle's Family