Michelle Carter

First post: Apr 7, 2020 Latest post: Jun 2, 2021
On March 30th, 2020, my mother entered the ER after 7 long days of battling the "flu" (not able to receive a Corona test as shortness of breath/symptoms other than exhaustion and fever had not set in yet). She tested positive for COVID-19,  and was told she had pneumonia that was progressing quickly which was brought on by the virus. Things took a downhill turn quickly as she was transferred to the ICU and put on a ventilator and has shown continual decline since. Given the pandemic the world is facing, we are not able to be there next to her, have our voices give her strength, or even be with other family we are self distancing from in this time. We receive one update from the doctor each day of her status, and given most have not been positive I have felt hesitant to post them on something less personal like social media, especially as many of them have not been positive.  However, she is still actively fighting and for this we have hope! The Lord our God is stronger than this virus and my mom is a fighter if I ever met one! I am hoping to use this site to be a central hub where people can receive updates as I know people are eager to know and praying! 

I also encourage you to share memories of her in times you remember her as a fighter and I pray that in the absence of us being able to be by her side, she can hear our prayers and know how loved and treasured she is by so many. Gracious Lord, please bring healing!