Michelle Droddy

First post: Oct 23, 2020 Latest post: Dec 28, 2020
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The back story:
I had already had a mammo at age 35 for what I felt like was a lump. At that time I was told it was just dense breast tissue and an irritated milk duct. I had nursed my daughter for 2 years (My son for a full year 7 years prior) and had not been nursing for 3 years by that time. Every month when my hormones would change I would have tenderness and pain but was told that was normal. So five years later... In October of 2019 I went for my annual mammogram required for being over 40. Thankfully I had that mammo at 35 to compare. I was told that due to my dense tissue I needed a diagnostic mammo. So off I go for a more advanced test. That test showed "granulation" and I was asked to come back in 6 months. 
Well, then we have Covid 19 shut down the whole world by mid March.  My appointment was supposed to be in April of 2020. I wasn't able to get in for the rescheduled appointment until July. 
I show up, get the mammo and they see more grains. "Its probably nothing... we can wait another 6 months or send you for a biopsy to ease your fears" 
So I go for the biopsy. What an awful experience! It hurt so much!! 
I'm told "lots of women have these granulation and its probably nothing. Try not to worry. I'm sure its nothing but we should be safe, just In case"  
Well a week later I get the most devastating news of my life and my biggest fear in life is staring me in the face. "The results came back positive. You have breast cancer" but all I heard was the word of death 


July 13th 2020 I became a warrior.