Micky Dougherty Michele “Micky” Dougherty

April 2, 1962 – December 22, 2020
Micky lives on in our memories of her. Some of our reflections follow. Please share yours (with any photos!) in the "Well Wishes" section above. 

Micky was a trial lawyer.  Whether defending personal injury cases for a prominent LA firm or “disbarring lawyers” (as she put it) for the State Bar, she was dedicated to her craft.  She prepared more thoroughly than her opponents and was quick on her feet in deposition and in court.  
Later, Micky took on management roles: lead attorney of an insurance company’s in-house law firm, director of career development at Pepperdine Law School, and head of a claims division of Farmers Insurance. In each role, impatient with the status quo, Micky focused on improving systems and operations, even when that ruffled the feathers of complacent colleagues.

Micky was in her element working the crowd at a party, Maker’s Mark (on the rocks) in hand, cheeks rosy, eyes a-twinkle, cracking jokes, or teasing a colleague – perhaps her boss – with a mischievous smile, drawing laughter all around. 

Micky hit her three wood off the tee; dealt five card draw, “jacks or better;” and ordered New York strip, Pittsburgh rare, with a Jordan cab. A proud Irishwoman, she celebrated St. Patrick’s day religiously. A gardener, she tended her African violets, plumeria, and roses with devotion. A confirmation teacher in her church, she defied Catholic orthodoxy and taught birth control and choice to her students. 

A mother of three, Micky encouraged her children each morning before school: “Use your head and your heart. Be good to all people."
Twilight came prematurely to Micky in the form of a non-specific, early-onset dementia, which she battled for years before passing away peacefully in her sleep surrounded by family.

Micky’s family would like to recognize Joy, Ronald, Jasper, and Shalom for caring for Micky with patience and tenderness over the past several years. We honor Micky’s memory by appreciating these behind-the-scenes heroes, as she would have done. In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing to a gift for her devoted caregivers: