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First post: Dec 17, 2021 Latest post: Apr 25, 2023
Mike, Leanne, Kenny, and Paul Masters could really use your prayers right now. Overnight Dec 15 into 16, Mikey suffered a major stroke. On  the morning of Dec 16, he was admitted to the ICU at Bryan Hospital in Lincoln (as soon as a bed became available), where he is currently getting the care he needs. They are continuing to do tests and monitoring to figure out why a healthy 46-year-old man had a stroke, and to see what next steps will be taken to best support his rehabilitation and recovery. We simply don't yet know why this happened, but Mikey's doctors are working to solve the puzzle.

On this site, we will continue to provide updates to family and friends as we learn more. As you can imagine, there is a long, hard road ahead. Everyone who knows and loves Mikey and Leanne know that they have devoted themselves personally and professionally to taking care of their loved ones and their community (in big ways, as well as in that all-so-familiar steadfast commitment to doing those little things that make our lives so much better), and in the coming days, weeks, and months, Team Masters (that's all of us) will have much-needed opportunities to support this beautiful family in a variety of ways. For now, Mikey needs patience and time to heal, and the family can really use your prayers and positive vibes.

It took Mikey a long while to get a much-needed ICU bed because of the severe strain on our hospitals right now due to Covid. One small act of love that you can do to support everyone like Mikey who desperately needs an ICU beds is to get your vaccine and booster and wear a mask in public. Every little bit helps keep more of our fellow citizens healthier and out of the hospital.

We love you, we will continue to update you regularly, and we will continue to communicate needs of support as we lift up Mikey and his family through this hard time.

- Paul Coate (on behalf of the Masters Family)