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We will be trying to track timelines of appointments and snippets of what Mike is going through during this third round of cancer. Mike has gone through three major surgeries since being diagnosed in 2016 with colorectal cancer. He first became aware of it after his father, Karl, was diagnosed with colon/liver/lung cancer. Mike had been experiencing some blood in his stool at the time and hadn't been to the doctor in years. He got checked, spoke about his symptoms and his fathers recent diagnosis and was promptly scheduled for labs and a colonoscopy. That immediately alerted us of the cancer growing in his colon. 

Surgery removed parts of his colon and they resection it back together. The following year at his follow up colonoscopy they found reoccurrence at the same area of surgery. The cancer was back. They started chemo, radiation, surgery to remove it, temporary ileostomy bag, more chemo. The next surgery was a take down of the ileostomy and healing. They continued to watch his bloodworm and be checked regularly every 3 months. 

The following year mark, he was clear on his colonoscopy, however was experiencing massive pain down his leg and in his right glute/pelvic area. Doctors thought it was scar tissue and he started physical therapy and tried lots of avenues to relieve the pain. Nothing helped it subside and the aching and awful night's sleep continued. Scans were then ordered and they told us there was an "abnormality" in the pelvis area. To which find out a new tumor had occurred. And treatment began promptly after that...

Most entries are probably written by Brianna, his wife (and our apologies for imperfect grammar and spelling). The website doesn't allow you to backdate the entries and so some may be out of order the way they were posted because they were drafted/saved and posted at a later date.