Michael Gosney

First post: Mar 9, 2022 Latest post: May 10, 2022

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Michael passed on Thursday, 4/28/2022, 7:35 am in the aware presence of his daughter Kate and granddaughter Clara Moon, 11 months old, after Amy's guardianship through the night. There was music on shuffle mode and Dark Side of the Moon was queued in cosmic choreography. We held a few hours quiet vigil with Kate and Clara, Amy, James, and Carla as the sun streamed in the windows on a beautiful, windless San Francisco morning. Suddenly, the door slammed open and Kate said, Well, I guess Dad thinks it's time to open the door. So we put the word out to a few local friends. There was a little crying, a lot of sharing, hugging, and music, and some dancing to Goz's favorite trance tracks. Stay tuned for information about memorials and other gatherings. 

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❤️From Amy Carr, Thursday, 4/28/2022: Michael has passed through the veils at 7:35 this morning. He died peacefully and his last breaths were with Kate and Clara. ❤️ Passang and I were with him all night... he let go so he was with loved ones the whole time. ❤️

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Welcome to Michael's page to keep family and friends updated in one place. Michael has mostly stopped speaking and caregivers have a beautiful Zen vibe going in the house with loved ones dropping in as possible to relay their love and memories of special moments with him.  He is not in great pain (more morphine every day) and is generous with his smiles when awake. He has enjoyed closure and precious moments with his mother, his daughters, and his closest friends. This is saying a lot, because Michael has many closest friends, dearest friends, bestest friends, from many phases of his life. His family, attending healer friends (so many healers here!), and caregiving team thanks you for respecting his peaceful journey passing beyond the physical plane.

WHAT HAPPENED: In February 2022 Michael was diagnosed with cancer affecting the bile duct system, liver, and gallbladder. There is a bile duct (appendage) and the tumor was squeezing the bile duct closed and caused jaundice which alerted doctors to his condition. The bile duct system looks like a tree or river branching into many ever-smaller tributaries. This system is a very efficient vehicle and has transported the cancer all throughout the liver. The diagnosis came too late. Two rounds of chemotherapy made his very sick, and tests showed no improvement anyway. Michael’s decision is live the best life he can with the time he has left. He does not fear death and is fascinated, in true Goz style, in the adventure ahead.

ALL THIS WAS VERY FAST! Please don't feel bad if you didn't have a chance to visit or call. This happened SO very very quickly. He is surrounded by a few close friends who are caregiving, reading messages and hitting the play button for him when he is awake.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGES, VIDEOS, AUDIO! Michael was very aware and loved being reminded of good and important times with you. 

Thank you.