Michael Eckblad

First post: Jan 11, 2022 Latest post: Jun 18, 2023
Micheal was diagnosed with Covid Pneumonia on December 28th. On Friday, January 7th, in the middle of the night, he was rushed to the hospital because his oxygen levels were dangerously low. He started in PICU. On January 10th it was clear his heart was working too hard and he needed to be intubated. He has spent time in the ICU at Sharp, Pomerado and Palomar Hospital. As of April 13th his recovery and healing have been heading in the right direction! His last stop was the Sub-Acute Facility at The Villas Pomerado Hospital. On May 12th he was discharged to go home! He is continuing to recover at home - free from a trach and feeding tube!  Current prayer requests- Lungs continue to heal so there will be no need for supplemental oxygen, and muscle strength returns.