Michael Borland

First post: Jun 9, 2018 Latest post: Oct 30, 2018
Michael had a heart attack on May 29, 2018.  From what I can piece together from those involved in the immediate care, this is what happened: 
Michael had a heart attack while in his truck by a guard shack at one of his stops.  The guard saw something was wrong and immediately began CPR. Emergencies services had been called at this time and the fire station/first responders location was withihn eyesight of  Michael’s location. They quickly arrived on site and took over his care.  Michael was shocked 7 times before they were able to get a pulse. The emergency crew transported Michael to the hospital which was approximately one mile from where the heart attacking occurred.  The hospital staff was waiting for him, when the ambulance arrived and the leading cardiac specialist performed the procedure on his heart. He now has a clear artery with a stint.  According to the cardiac surgeon-it was successful and Micahel’s heart is in wonderful working condition.  

Because one is never able to predict the amount of oxygen the brain is receiving during a cardiac arrest or the subsequent events, damage to the brain is always a concern.  The hospital staff immediately went to work trying to prevent any further damage to Michael that could be caused during a heart attack.  They lowered his body temperature (hypothermic state), and placed him in what I will term a medically induced coma.  He was on a strong sedative and they paralyzed him so that his body and brain would have time to heal. He remained sedated for 3 days, they cooled him and then kept him “cooled” for 24 hours. They then spent 24 hours “warming” him. As they were warming him, they slowly reduced the amount of sedation.  We all waited to see what his mental capacity would be upon waking from his “medicinal sleep”.

We are beginning day 12 of our journey in Michael’s recovery. His bible study groups (yes, plural), church family, friends, and family have all been following his progress through texts, calls, and word of mouth.  The love shown has been a testament to God’s love and how we are all truly brothers and sisters in Christ.  His church families have been supporting us here in Houston through their never ending love and care. Our friends have been reading out and doing the same.  Michael’s brother was able to visit and be here during some very difficult times in ICU, and the rest of the family has been here through calls, FaceTime, texts....anyway possible, when possible. (So has his church family)

Michael’s friends and church family have been such a blessing.  Their continual prayer, encouragement, and support goes beyond what words can express.  We can feel the prayers and know their hearts are lifting him up to our Father consistently.  Our hearts hug them closely to us throughout the day and night. 
I will continue to update when possible.  Already we have seen amazing progress beyond what I believe was originally thought by the health professionals.  

We know our God is the Healer! We believe in Miracles! Our hope is in Jesus, and we know all things are possible in Him.  Praise God for all we have seen him do in Michael and all we will continue to see. We look forward to our family and friends joining on our journey of Michae’ls healing and progress.  Please send him messages, pictures, etc. I show them to him and believe that he recognizes more and more each time. (Send me your names with the pictures so I can give him the right names :)). 

God Bless you all. We appreciate and love you.  
God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is Good!