Micah Davis

First post: Jan 23, 2021 Latest post: Feb 21, 2024
Starting back in June 2020 with a 7 day fever (non COVID) I began noticing issues with gastrointestinal discomfort and pain. I mainly attributed it to my 2020 diet and dealt with it. Over the following months the discomfort turned into just pain. I found myself doubled over trying to give myself am enema and nothing coming out. After some very stern direction from Brittany I decided to start the process of figuring this out. It started with a stool sample for parasites or infections as well as a blood test for Celiac's. The an X-ray to check for blockage. Then another stool test. After everything came back as normal or negative it was assumed it was IBS and I should do a low FODMAP diet. I wasn't convinced. I got a referral to Capital Gastro in December. I met with Dr. Bowden-McKay (amaaaaazing) and we scheduled a CT scan, colonoscopy and endoscopy. The CT scan was Jan 11th. That's the day I got a call back and was told I had a mass in my colon. We moved the colonoscopy up to the 18th. January 18th was the day I found out I had a carcinoma obstructing my lower colon. Mystery solved... now for the hard part.