Mel Simon

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Hello all -
This CaringBridge site is meant only as a central communication site for those that want to get the
quickest updates regarding the health of my father, Mel Simon. It is NOT, nor will it be, tied to any type of fundraiser. Mom and Dad wanted me to make that clear.

Dad went to the emergency room, Saturday, December 28. He was experiencing severe abdominal pain and had vomited on more than one occasion during the morning. Coupled with that was the fact that he had not been able to move his bowels for several days.

After 7 hours in the ER, my Mom decided to contact me, Larry and Debbie. We had a small discussion about the time that had elapsed and she now understands that, if she does that again, she will be grounded!!! :-)

The ER doctors ran some scans and gave him fluids. The scans showed that the abdominal organs and bowels were clear. They also showed that his kidney numbers were slightly elevated. More importantly, they revealed a mass at the base of his right lung. The doctors decided to keep Dad for a day or two. He was admitted that evening.

The following day brought on more tests. A CT scan of the chest confirmed the mass but revealed  that there were actually two modules. The Radiologist told us that there would be a biopsy performed but that it did look like Dad had cancerous tumors in his lung. The good news was that, if they turned out to me malignant, they had not metastasized.

The next day brought on several frustrations regarding hospital communication and follow through but we finally got everyone on the same page and Dad underwent needle biopsy on Monday, December 30th. He was kept in the hospital overnight to monitor his oxygen levels and his reaction to the procedure. There were no issues and he was released from the hospital on New Years eve day.

We were told that the results of the biopsy would not be in for 4-5 days. The next day, however, the hospital called with the results of the biopsy. It was as we all suspected. Dad has non small cell lung cancer and he needed to be seen by the oncologist on January 16th. In the meantime, Dr. Ari Polish (Oncologist specializing in lung disease) scheduled Dad for a PET scan (A scan that would show if there was any other cancer in his body).

This past Tuesday, Mom and Dad met with their internist, Dr. Mary Shapiro. She had been out of town for winter break and was now being brought in to the communication loop. Dr. Shapiro made an appointment to see them that evening. She told my parents that she believes that the cancer is stage 2 and that there are three possible, radiation, and/or chemotherapy.She doubts, however, that surgery will be the recommendation because of the size and positioning of the tumor coupled with Dad's age. She also confirmed that his abdominal organs are clear and the cancer has not spread.

This past Wednesday, January 8, Dad had the PET scan. The results confirmed that there are no other malignancies in his body. Phew!!

That brings us up to date. Mom and Dad will see Dr. Polish this coming Wednesday January 16. 
Randi and I will be in Florida from Monday through Friday and will return early on Saturday.
I will be getting updates as they occur and will post them on this site.

Thank you all for your love and support.