Melissa Bruske

First post: Dec 1, 2018 Latest post: Mar 2, 2020

On November 6th, 2018 I discovered a lump that seemed to appear out of no where. It was alarming, to say the least. November 23rd, I had an ultrasound and mammogram. I knew after the ultrasound when the radiologist came into the room and started talking that things did not look normal. She told us (Larry and I) that she was very concerned with what she was seeing. I was scheduled to have an appointment with an NP because my doctor (a specialist I have previously seen due to my high risk) was booked. The radiologist told me that my doctor was going to be the one to see me - another thing that set off alarms. At the appointment both the NP and my doctor were there. Once again, we heard that they were very concerned and that I needed to get in soon for a biopsy. The following Tuesday, November 27th I had my biopsy and 2 days later - November 29th 2018, I got the call. Their concerns were founded-it was cancer.

We have created this site to keep people informed of my journey with breast cancer. It will be helpful to be able to tell my story once and just have people check in here - instead of repeating myself to multiple people anytime there is an update.

Thanks for your prayers and support.