Melinda Carter

Hi my name is Melinda I’m a mother of seven grown children, and 11 grandchildren. I love them all and we love from a far!! I was diagnose in 2017 with rectal colon cancer.,,, I got the report back a few months later I find myself back in a different mindset then I was told shortly after I was 4 stage  cancer, it had spread to the lungs. during this time I had already began radiation right after doing radiation I started burning so I asked the doctor could we please stop my body could nolonger take the torture that I feel on my skin not able to touch or bath. So there was a lot of long night of pain no sleep we’re trying to find relief along with More intensive treatment which was Chemo!! And I mean intensive!! So after A year and half of treatment I go for a second opinion to be told I can go to hospice and get comfortable!! I did rebuke her immediately and exited the building, with family!!!  Went back to the oncologists to told she was leaving and we now don’t have an assigned doctor while doing treatment so I became very serious about my health care providers and demanded to be treated equal if you know what I mean. Meantime I started treatment and the  Neuropathy, was so intense  at the end of feet and hands, And the intense break out that the treatment cause pain and face the chest cavity your back arms and legs toenail beds and Fingertips your in so so much pain. So after a month Cancer Cells were dropping out of nowhere!! I am in a different mindset and now the body is responding to the positivity environment, Juicing organic 
Super foods and exercise and of course my faith in God. I find a doctor and we sit down and we talk and come up with clinical trial treatment plan also we do a PET Scan and we wait for the test results test results come back and there’s no Cancer and there was 6 tumors In the lungs but the Test now shows only one left in the upper right lung, and I begin to praise God a shout hallelujah why the doctor stand there and look at me at deep thought.. And now I’m a candidate for cyber knife treatment to remove the last active tumor this is my story and I thank you for allowing me to share!!