Melanie Bertsch-Cross

June 3rd-  Melanie was faithful to getting a mammogram each year; however because of COVID she was not able to have one in 2020. She got the 3D mammogram on June 3, 2021 which showed a small, deep, and abnormal lump on the left breast. She now jokes she could be the poster woman for 3D Mammograms because a regular mammogram would not have showed the lump! 

June 11th- Melanie had a biopsy before coming to Indy to be with some of her grandchildren. 

June 14th- The following Monday came with the hard news and diagnosis invasive ductal carcinoma; however, the surgeon suspected  it was caught early-either Stage 0 or Stage 1. 

June 23- Melanie had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node removal, and then it was a waiting game for her care plan and protocols to be developed.  Even though it was Stage 1 (b), it would require  more aggressive chemotherapy and radiation because it was "Triple Negative" breast cancer. Triple negative means it was negative for estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, and excess HER2 protein. During this time, Melanie was told she would need four rounds of  traditional "TC" chemotherapy, followed by 20 rounds of radiation therapy.  

July 19th- Melanie got some much needed self care and her dear friend and hairstylist, Debbie, gave her a sassy short bob. 

July 29th- Melanie had her first round of chemotherapy. 

August 5th- Melanie was feeling very weak and overall lousy, and she had to go to the cancer center for fluids and anti-nausea meds. She was also sent home with anti-fungal medications to help combat the thrush and systemic fungal infection she was fighting. 

August 9th- Melanie woke up to find that her cute new bob haircut was coming to an end. Debbie did a house call and helped shave Melanie's head and when done, Ron sat down in the chair for his new matching hairdo! 

August 11th- We got the wonderful news that the BRCA GENES ARE NEGATIVE!!! Melanie was put on doxycycline to treat phlebitis (infection of the vein) from the taxotere. 

We will give updates at least weekly. Thank you for loving and praying for Melanie!