Megan Smith

First post: Jan 20, 2019 Latest post: Mar 5, 2019

Hi this is Dustin, I will be using this site to update everyone on the journey Megan and I are taking together.  Here is the beginning of the story.
I’ve known my wife Megan since high school. She was a very active and outgoing person. July 10 2004 I was the lucky guy that got to marry this beautiful woman. We’ve been married for 14 amazing years. 

We have 3 amazing children together. Megan is an incredible mother!! 

About 7 years ago, in the middle of the night, Megan had her first “episode”.  She was pregnant with our 3rd child. Megan would wake up dizzy and almost pass out from these episodes. She would experience uncontrollable shakes and have raging fevers. We went to ER numerous times. We saw multiple doctors.... none of them could figure out what was wrong or properly diagnose her. Finally 2 years ago, the Lord directed us to the right doctor who tested her for Lyme disease. Megan tested positive for Lyme and several co-infections. 

Over the last seven years Lyme has gradually taken  more and more things from her. Megan can no longer do things that she loves. Like running, playing sports with our kids, or being a youth pastor and giving to others. It just totally wipes her out. She has no extra energy to give. 

Megan’s lyme disease symptoms: she has pretty severe brain fog: Megan used to have an amazing memory. She suffers from constant body aches and pains. Pain like pins and needles in her head, joint pain, uncontrollable shakes in her arm, tremors and spasms, stomach pain, flu like feelings, fever, stiffness in different places, swelling, inflammation, and muscle pain & bone pain..... on a daily basis. Lyme is known as "The Invisible Disease". One may appear to be ok on the outside but the reality is, the disease is wrecking havoc on EVERY part of the body.

Megan recently started losing weight. The weight loss is now drastic & fast.  Megan has been in bed now for 7 days straight. Each time she gets up she begins to pass out. She barely has enough energy to make it to the bathroom. Those of you who know Megs, know she is a wonderful woman of God who blesses others in many ways. As a worship leader Megan is anointed. She has always poured into others without giving it a thought. She is an amazing mother to our three beautiful children. She has an incredible sense of humor and flare for the dramatic. She keeps everyone in her presence in full laughter when the moment calls for it!I have learned so much from her on how to love on people.... to being a parent. But most of all, how to love God with all my heart. I write this because now is a time for us to pour into her.  Her health is diminishing and God has put an urgency on all of our hearts, that NOW is the time.  Meg needs treatment to get better. We can’t wait any longer. She now needs the outpouring she has shown all of us.

Boriella, Lyme Disease, is a little known disease that is evil. It roams around seeking to steal, kill & destroy. Over 300,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme (borrelia bugdorferi) every year. Not many deaths are reported because the patient usually dies from other complications caused by the Lyme such as heart related or respiratory issues. But the the patient still dies. Diagnosis was so delayed in Megan's case that she is now in a high risk category. It’s a debilitating disease that steals your life.  Lyme is even more dangerous once it enters the brain, mainly because when that happens, it is even harder to fight. Neurological Lyme, like Megan's, if not treated accurately, in time takes lives. Megan is part of a 23% of the population that is not able to detox, so when her body kills off the Lyme it still can’t get rid of the Lyme die off. This is very dangerous and causes many of the symptoms Megan is now experiencing. Our plan, our Hope is to stop the Lyme disease in its tracks. 

Our kids need their mama and I need my wife.