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Around 3:00 in the morning on the 6th of April, Meaghan turned to me and said her arm felt funny, I asked if it was a heart attack and she said no wrong side. I asked if it was a stroke and she said I don't know. Soon afterwards her speech became slurred, she couldn't lift her right arm or support her weight on her right side, and wasn't making sense. By the time the ambulance arrived she was struggling to breathe. Meaghan had a massive brain hemorrhage on the left side of her head. The doctors took me aside and described it as a very bad bleed, that it could be any minute and that we should take this on a touch and go basis. I couldn't believe it, I went into shock for a moment and then thought about our sons at home so I called my mom for advice and decided that while they did their next procedure to alleviate the pressure on her brain, I would run home and get the boys so they could tell their mom they love her, again. So I went home and got Mikey 22, Aaron 14, and Declan 13 who went in and told their mother they loved her, for possibly the last time, like men. Meaghan being the fighter that she is has been a faithful follower of Christ for many years now and would be the first to remind me of our Freat Physician's healing and power through prayer. Her prognosis has improved to 70% over the next 30 days. She has had her breathing tube removed and has been breathing on her own for the last day and a half/two days. She has been semi-responsive, and has moved her right side arm and toes, but still remains rather tired and sleeping. Our next steps are to evaluate fully the extent of healing that needs to happen and identify any challenges that we may need to overcome along the way. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love, grace, forgiveness, and healing. Mike Grogan