McKinsey Seibold

First post: Dec 18, 2020 Latest post: Nov 16, 2021
Tim and I were excited about starting a family after getting married in September 2019 (THANK GOD for that by the way!) We found out we were pregnant on March 9, 2020 and then had the worst April fools joke played on us in our life. It was a miscarriage and surgery was recommended. Of course we were devastated, but trusted God’s timing, and trusted the doctors to help us move on. Tim dropped me off, and I did the surgery. Sad, but we were ready to move on.

One of my best friends, Christa, was going through a “COVID miscarriage” at the same time. She lives in Italy right now, but we spoke almost everyday and she is still my rock and now someone I owe my life to. 30 days after my surgery - “Kinsey, did you take a pregnancy test?” - “No, why would I do that?” - “Kinsey, take a damn pregnancy test!” - “Ok ok.” - I did, and it was positive.

New baby? Old baby? Who are you? What’s going on?
Went back to the doctor where she informed me that I would need to go see an Oncologist because the old baby tissue might be cancerous and harmful to my body.

Turns out that was correct. It’s been a roller coaster of chemo treatments weekly since then. I just completed the 31st week in a row. No one. No one. Thought it would last this long, or even half this long. Now that it is, I wanted to be able to keep my family and friends posted on my numbers and progress on here.

The goal is to get my HCG level to “0”. Then I will have 3 more weeks over treatments assuming it stays at “0” the whole time, then DONE!

We are still being told that we can have a baby in the future. We do need to wait one full year after chemo to start trying again to make sure this cancerous tissue is truly gone and can not be mixed with another pregnancy.