Maya Hecksel

First post: Aug 14, 2021 Latest post: Feb 17, 2022
After three hours of pushing, Olivia had to have an emergency C-section since she just didn't want to come out.  The operation went well except when Maya came out, she lost both her heartbeat and breathing.  Doctors performed CPR, intubated her, and gave two shots of Epinephrine.  After 30 min, they finally got a heartbeat again.  Since she was without oxygen to her brain and organs for so long, they expect she may have some organ and brain damage.  She is on a cooling bed to reduce her brain swelling as well as a bunch of cords and IVs for nutrients.  Her liver isn't performing perfectly so they have to give her plasma.  Her kidneys also aren't perfect but they keep producing more urine each day.