Max Kotheimer Max the Mighty

First post: Jul 25, 2019 Latest post: Dec 1, 2019
In June 2019 at 20 weeks of our first pregnancy my husband William and I went in for our exciting ultrasound to find out the gender of our sweet baby. At this appointment it was very obvious on the screen that we were having a boy! In discussing with the doctor we also found out that our sweet Max seemed to have a heart defect. After meeting with specialist at Vanderbilt Children's Max was officially diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. In a nutshell it means that Max's left side of his heart is small and is not developed correctly. Thankfully due to do many advances in medicine there are a series of open heart surgeries that Max will have that will help him. The first one is called the Norwood and will be within a week of him being born. The final goal of these surgeries is for his the right side of his heart to take over the job of the left side of his heart.  We plan to use this page to keep friends and family updated on our journey with our sweet boy Max when he is born at the end of October.