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First post: Sep 15, 2020 Latest post: 2 hours ago

Family & Friends-- As many of you know Max was living and working out in western MA. He got a job working production at Yankee Candle this summer and was getting up early for twelve hour shifts at the factory. Grueling work-- and he was thinking that he might want to start taking classes this spring. We all thought he was tired and strained from making candles (and staying up late with friends). He got tested for Lyme's because his joints ached terribly. Turns out, after much testing, biopsy surgery and incredible sleuthing, Max has some type of lymphoma. He is currently hospitalized at the Brigham Hospital and after more tests and analysis we will get a diagnosis and then develop a plan for treatment. Our family is strong... "We can do hard things" and Max will beat this. A friend suggested we choose a way to provide updates in one place so that all the people that love and support Max can stay connected to him and to our family.

We appreciate you all so much!