Matthew Wingo

First post: Feb 1, 2020 Latest post: Mar 2, 2020
On 1-29-2020, Sue’s long time boyfriend Matt, had emergency open heart surgery from an aneurysm in his heart. It caused his arteries to dissect aka tear. He was helicoptered from chilton to Morristown for the surgery. He also unfortunately suffered a large stroke and has no movement on his left side. He has been heavily sedated and intubated due to brain swelling. He is getting a repeat cat-scan this am. We are praying that the swelling goes down today and that they can start waking him up. It’s a long road ahead and sue is going to need serious support. 


We have the kids covered for the weekend but play dates in the coming days will be helpful. We are making a sign up for a meal train and if you’d rather just Venmo a donation we will use it for groceries, meals, hospital parking, etc. 

Venmo @Jennifer-Becker-68

Please keep Sue, Matt and the kids in your prayers. He is fighting like hell and one tough guy.