Matthew H Matthew Hauge

First post: Sep 2, 2022 Latest post: Mar 22, 2024
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Matthew began complaining of back pain the end of May.  He went to several walk-in appointments, chiropractor appointments and doctor appointments . Then his hip also began hurting. He told doctor and chiropractor this. They thought it was because of his back problems. But it just got worse. Finally to the point he couldn’t walk on it.  He was suppose to be an usher in his sisters wedding on July 30th   On the 29th he went in for a MRI. He couldn’t walk so he handed out programs. Unfortunately he was in so much pain the wedding itself was the only part of her wedding he could participate in.  August 1st we learned he had a herniated disc. Because of the disc being herniated the docs still figured that was the cause of his hip pain. He went in for a shot in his back on August 22nd. When they turned him to give him the shot it caused so much hip pain we ended up in the ER. The 23d I drove him to Fargo to see a back specialist to see about surgery. After several stops before we could get there and a very painful ride the doc said a herniated disc would not cause that much hip pain. Sent him home and sent a referral to clinic in Fergus for a hip X-ray and MRI and to see an Orthopedic doctor here.  I tried to get and appointment with orthopedic doc and they were book for at least a couple weeks but said they’d see what they could do and call me back. Couldn’t get in for an MRI for a week but got in for a X-ray that day. After the X-ray he was sent directly to orthopedics.  We learned there he had a broken hip. The concerning part was How does a 28 year old break his hip and has no accidents to break it. He went right into the hospital and they did a scan that night and an MRI the next morning. The orthopedic doctor said they saw something is/around the bone and was taken to Sanford in Fargo that night by ambulance. A biopsy was preformed the next morning. We are at this time still waiting for that to come back. Preliminary reports are that he has osteosarcoma (bone cancer).  If it is this type of cancer they get better results going through Chemo and radiation before surgery. And surgery will more than likely be a hip replacement of some kind.