Matthew Fabian

First post: Jul 31, 2020 Latest post: Sep 29, 2020
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.

Due to the amazing support and generosity that our loved ones have been showing, we want clear up some confusion around TRIBUTES vs donations. To clarify, tributes go to fund the Caringbridge website, which is a worth while cause.  We have a couple friends in the process of setting up some sort of donation site that will help go towards Matthew.
A GoFundMe page was set up:

I think it should bring you there....this is all new to me.....nope, until I figure it out it’s a copy and paste..sorry

Anyways, I’ve been trying to manage my emails, texts, calls, Facebook, Matthews emails, texts ....I’m starting to slip a bit. A great problem to have as so many are in support and praying for him!

Here is just a quick recap on our adventure.

I brought him in to the doctor on July 22nd as he had a dull, nagging headache for a couple weeks. Not everyday and not when he slept. I wanted to get it checked out before he moved back to the dorm. Saturday August 1 was his move in day where he is an RA at Bemidji State University. It is his last year there for his Biology with a medical emphasis major and Biochemistry, Cellular, Molecular Biology degree.
Anyway, They life flighted him from Crosby to the St. Cloud Hospital, ran a whole bunch of tests … to find he had a mass on his brain stem that needed to come out right now, so they removed it in the wee hours of the morning. He did what was expected out of him for that next day but then he had a STROKE. They ended up putting a drain tube in his brain to relieve pressure. He was unable to swallow which obviously causes a problem in life… And It’s affecting his right side of his body.
Because of being on his back not able to swallow, loopy and not able to move, he has also developed an pneumonia . They have a feeding tube in him finally to help with nourishment and it seems to be helping with some energy.
We have a long road ahead of us, he will be in ICU until they pull that drain tube out and test his brain to see if the fluid coming out of it will drain on its own. If it does not they will put in a permanent shunt...ugh
I just wanted to fill you in. We could sure use a few prayers sent up! He’s not able to take calls yet or hold his phone. The doctor thinks that he possibly could have a full recovery… So that’s what I’m going with.
He’s really disappointed about missing his last year of school! He was so excited to return to being an RA. He got his room assignment and it had both it own private bathroom and an air conditioner!

UPDATES: he got his swallow back on day 9! Got out of ICU after 12 days and is currently on 6th floor in “Neuroscience and Spine floor”. Got feeding tube out on day 14 and first shower in 2 weeks (boy his MaMa must love him to be stuck by his side after 2 weeks of stinkyness).
Found out his mass is cancer. We will be talking to Oncology very soon.
He will be transitioning to the rehabilitation part of the hospital. His body is getting stronger. Becoming much better with walker and strength on his right side. Has a good number of slips in vocabulary, getting better.
8/12 we get to bust out of St Cloud tomorrow, he’s not 100% by any means but we will get him set up at home with things to start radiation then chemotherapy in Brainerd next week.
8/13 getting out didn’t happen...they did a ct scan on his brain and there is pooling in it...will see what MRI tells us. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks here in St Cloud Hospital!
8/23 We were sent to Mayo as Matthew’s MEDULLOBLASTOMA cancer is very rare and very aggressive. He is having meetings with everyone(Audiology, Ophthalmologist, Endocrinologist, Oncology, Radiation, Neurologist, Therapies) this week to have a baseline. They will be using Proton Radiation on him in a very aggressive manner. The side effects are with his vision, hearing, pituitary gland, cognitive learning..scary stuff! He will be doing radiation Monday-Friday for 6 weeks. Then a month off and chemo starts...
His vision still isn’t great with double vision so his walking is a bit of a risk as well.
I have been asked the best address for him to send a card....We are hotel hopping this week in Rochester but starting Aug 31st when his first Proton Radiation session happens hopefully we will be staying at “Hope Lodge”.(We are on a waiting list). Until then the best address for him would be our home: 32444 Timberlane Pt Breezy Point, MN 56472
With all the Covid restrictions only one care giver is allowed and once we get into Hope Lodge we are not allowed to go home until treatment is finished. This is really tough on our family. Being gone 3 1/2 weeks was tough in St Cloud, now it’s a 7 week stay till mid October in Rochester.

We really appreciate your support, prayers and keeping him in your thoughts. I am hearing a lot of percentages being thrown around from doctors. We will do whatever it takes to try and keep him in that percent! Thank you everyone!