Matthew Andreeff

First post: Jul 23, 2019 Latest post: Nov 10, 2019
On Thursday, July 18th Matthew Andreeff had surgery to remove a fibroid in his stomach within his muscles. The surgery went better than originally expected although his body did not react well to a number of factors.

Post surgery, Chris had aspirated a number of times into his lungs. Chris was previously dealing with kidney disease. The stress on his body from the surgery, infection, pneumonia, and continual aspiration caused his kidney function to decline greatly and eventually fail.

By Friday night Chris was having trouble breathing because his lungs were filling with fluids. His body could not clear out the fluids since his kidneys were not functioning properly. On that night they decided to incubate Chris on a ventilator. To do this he was put on a light sedation. Although he cannot move, he can still hear and feel. On the ventilator he started off on the highest setting in which he needed the most help possible, since then, they have been able to lower the settings showing improvement.

His blood pressure has been very high preventing the doctors from putting him on dialysis. On Sunday it was a miracle by God that his blood pressure lowered enough to allow for dialysis. Although it was risky, it was a success. The dialysis has allowed improvement in his lungs and his over all swelling.

The official diagnosis for Chris is ADRS. You can find more information on the link below about it... Truly truly, given his previous health issues, I can see God has seen him through this far. He is already a living miracle all these years. Please continue to pray specifically for quick healing from this lung disease with no further complications.

Chris has lived his whole life with all these health conditions (NF1, Hydrocephalus, Kidney Disease, Coombs - type of Anemia autoimmune Disease, a blood clotting disorder, High Blood pressure, etc...) and no one would ever know because he is the most gentle, kind, gracious, meek, humble, loving, serving, giving, positive person who never complains, never feels sorry for himself, and always trusts God. A true testiment that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of him.

Yes, it will be a miracle, Chris is already a miracle. The initial Prognosis was very poor, however, we serve an all powerful, mighty God, who loves Chris dearly and He always has the final say! There is power in prayer and praise!

Although we have been worried here and there, we do believe he will recover. Please pray that he may have a full and speedy recovery.

Susan Friedman was kind enough to set up a GoFundMe page for Chris’ healing fund!
(please do not donate off of this website, caring bridge)

One of Chris' favorite songs...