Mason Liddle

First post: Jan 25, 2022 Latest post: Apr 28, 2022
Mason was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a few years ago. We had received some information from his school that he was posting questionable/suicidal stories on SnapChat and thankfully a couple of his friends showed these to teachers and counselors at school. With this information we moved to research therapy. A big thank you to those that reported it.  Unfortunately, the first go round with a therapist didn't go great as Mason didn't quite understand the doctor client confidentiality and wasn't exactly truthful on his intake forms. The second time around we explained to him that this is his journey and that he needs to be able to open himself up. Thankfully this time we found Aria. She was the absolute perfect person for him. Listened, understood, directed, and even called him out on things when needed. She was the perfect mix for Mason and for us as his parents. 
We started down the road for some anti anxiety and anti depression prescriptions. For anyone who has gone down this road, it is a long one. They start out with very low dosages for extended period of times and then reporting back any changes, good or bad and then adjust from there. Mason from the start wasn't great with remembering to take the pills and for the first couple of months, we are pretty convinced he didn't feel any changes - even though we could see slight ones. He had gotten to the point where we were seeing big differences but he was now not starting to like how he was feeling when taking the prescriptions and he's impatient by nature. So at that point about a year and a half ago he stopped taking both medications.