Mason Booker

First post: Oct 20, 2018 Latest post: Apr 8, 2019

Mason will be turning 4 this December and if you know Mason “Spidy” (his stuffed Spider-Man) will not be far from his side. He is all boy, full of energy, laughter and loves fast cars. Mason enjoys playing with his dog Benelli, his cousins and his little brother Emmett (6 months).  A few weeks ago Mason’s right leg was giving him trouble. After multiple doctor visits, tests, x-rays and MRI's of his leg, hip, spine and brain the doctors found a tumor located on the left side of Mason's brain. The surgeon recommended immediate surgery and cleared his schedule. Mason went into surgery on October 17, and after approximately 3.5 hours the doctors were able to remove the tumor. The tumor was the size of the surgeons fist and was located under a major blood vessel making it very difficult for the surgeon to remove. Mason suffered blood loss during surgery and was given one unit of blood. A sample of the tumor was sent for testing and the surgeon informed the family that Mason would suffer a deficit on his right side.

On Thursday October 18, Anthony and Sarah received the horrific news that the tumor was cancerous. A sample was sent to St. Jude’s for further testing to determine the specific type of cancer and whether it was in stage 2 or stage 3. The proposed treatment is 5-6 weeks radiation and possibly 4 weeks of chemo at the Rochester Mayo Clinic, subject to results of further testing on the tumor.  The hospital is providing Mason with therapy and on Friday October 19, Mason was able to walk with assistance. We are hoping Mason will be going home soon to some normalcy before he heads to the Mayo for treatment. Please send your prayers to the family and visit “Go Fund Me” under “Ways to Help” if you can. #Masonstrong