Mary Knoll

First post: Jan 17, 2020 Latest post: Jul 31, 2021

Dear Mary is in the hospital again.  On Monday, July 12,  2021, she had some seizures and maybe a small stroke.  But she is getting noticeably better everyday.  Her spirits are good.  And she is still cracking jokes.  If you know Mary at all, you know that she is strong and willful and a badass, so I am hopeful that she will improve at speed.

from January-March, 2020: Mary Knoll, force of nature, and my beloved wife, was in an automobile accident on January 10th and sadly sustained a traumatic brain injury.  She suffered only minor other injuries.  Mary is currently at Touro Neuro Rehabilitation and is making wonderful improvements daily.  Mary is strong, and thank you for joining us in wishing her the very best success in her healing. Love.