Mary Guarnieri

First post: Dec 2, 2021 Latest post: Jan 1, 2022
Mary was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer a few months ago. She's been in and out of the hospital since that time but is now back at home, and she has not yet begun cancer treatment due to her fragile health status. She's quite ill and her husband has been primarily responsible for taking care of her. She has a feeding tube and a drainage tube and it's still unclear as to how long this will be needed.  I believe she may have other tubes but I'm not entirely sure (it's not her favorite topic of conversation).  My goal is to support Mary and her family for as long as they need it, in any way I'm able, and I'm going to need lots of help with this. As most of you know, my sister, Michele (Belle), passed away from cancer nearly two years ago on January 26'th, and if weren't for the love and support of family and friends I'm not sure how any of us would have gotten through it.  I honestly believe that the huge outpouring of love and support from everyone helped to prolong and improve her quality of life and I am forever grateful for this, I want the same for Mary and her family.