Mary Claire Schultz

First post: Jul 19, 2021 Latest post: Sep 16, 2021
Mary Claire has not wanted to walk down the stairs for the last week.  She has very low energy but is still able to get up to walk to the bathroom.  Mary Claire has waldenstrom macroglobulinemis which is a slow-growing non-Hodgkin lymphoma that affects white blood cells.  This may be draining her energy though she also has fluid retention in her legs and abdomen and some discomfort in her abdomen.  We do not know the cause of this although she did undergo several tests a few weeks ago.  Mary Claire has dementia as well so she forgets many things and cannot really care for herself anymore.  She is aware that she is dying and feels at peace with that idea.  We do not know a timeline for her but recently she has begun to eat less due to stomach discomfort.  Mary Claire is conversational and welcomes visitors but tires quickly so perhaps limiting visits to one hour would be best.  Family members are focusing on keeping her comfortable and accompanied as well as taking care of themselves instead of coordinating a calendar for visitors.  We do not have the energy for that right now but you are welcome to drop by and/or call Eric.