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First post: Nov 2, 2021 Latest post: Nov 29, 2021
We have set this up so we can share updates on Mary. We have had many people reaching out everyday to check on her so this is the best way to reach everyone. 

On October 15th that Friday Mary was doing yard work with dad all day and she didn’t feel well that night. She thought it was allergies and she took some allergy medicine. She didn’t feel great on Saturday either however she felt better on Sunday. Tanner and Madeline were home that weekend from Massachusetts and before they left that night we all went to their house for lunch. On Wednesday or Thursday she was getting sick again and she took a Covid test and it was positive. Us girls were not aware of this until Sunday night. Heidi went out to the house on Monday with medicine, some soup and her oxygen monitor. Her oxygen was 80% so Heidi called and got her in for a infusion  the following morning. Mary continued to decline through the day and Heidi convinced her to call 911. Mary was then taken to St Francis and spent the night in the ER. On Wednesday they found her a bed at the University of Minnesota and since then she has been in the ICU. Her body is completely exhausted from trying so hard to breathe. She has been on a BI-PAPsometimes it’s 100% oxygen sometimes it less. It has been a roller coaster ride with updates. Things have changed from hour to hour. This morning Heidi talked with the doctors and she is at high risk for being put on a ventilator. We know Mary doesn’t want that but we have all told her she needs to fight.  She is looking at being in the hospital for at least 3 to 4 weeks and she will have a very long recovery ahead of her.  The doctors talk to
Heidi this morning and they told her she is very sick. 

Kimmy came home from South Carolina last Thursday to stay with dad. Unfortunately dad is having memory issues and Mary and us girls are worried about him being alone. We are taking turns to helping him. Dad also tested positive and Heidi got him in on Friday for the infusion and Saturday he was outside doing yard work. We are very thankful that dad was vaccinated. We respect Mary’s decision to not get vaccinated but we did try to talk her into it…all the time. 

Again we will update this site when we are given information. Heidi has been the point person with the doctors and nurses. She works in a ER and over the last 20 months she has seen Covid patients EVERYDAY. She understands everything they are telling her and she ask questions that Kimmy and I would have no clue to ask. 

Mary is a deeply religious person so we are asking everyone to please say a prayer for her and those who are taking care of her. The hospitals are so short staffed and those who are working are giving 110% to save her and others. 

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 

Jim, Kimmy, Heidi and Wendy.