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First post: Mar 31, 2019 Latest post: Apr 17, 2020
MA was admitted to St. Joes hospital on 3/26/19 and diagnosed with Bacterial Endocarditis which has caused clots in her descending aorta, right renal artery and Superior mesenteric artery (provides some blood supply to her intestines). The cause was bacteria infecting her heart valves. The aortic and mitral valves. She was scheduled for valve replacement surgery. Prior to this surgery she had a CT of her head and was found to have a hemorrhage in her brain. This prevented her from having the heart surgery and resulted in transfer to Upstate hospital to the Neurosurgery ICU. During this entire time she has battled constant pain in her abdomen.
The goal at Upstate was to make sure her brain bleed had stopped. Then do the valve replacement surgery.
She has had many tests-CT scans/angioplasty/ultrasounds.
She has been unable to eat because of the pain and nausea. She is getting IV nutrition (TPN) to build her strength leading up to heart surgery.
Recently the doctors have decided to address the abdominal pain and specifically the SMA clot. The plan is to perform an angioplasty/thrombectomy to remove the clot. This is the most immediate issue and may be done in the next few days.
MA is battling as hard as she can. She continues to need our prayers. Keep the encouraging words coming, she loves hearing from all of you!