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May, 2020 

Dear Friends and Special Families, 

It is with great sorrow and unusual grief that I must convey this medical news to you. Many of you are aware that I have been working with hematologist Dr. Stuart Bloom for 4 + years regarding a blood disease – thrombocythemia – it is a cancer of the blood. We have been able to keep it under control until recently when my platelet count took a severe decline. This has led to a very bad diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. There is not much that can be done about it. We are told that it progresses quickly and has a fairly painless conclusion. We will be told how much time this will take when the results of recent tests come in. I have had a bone marrow biopsy and will have a port installed this week for chemo therapy followed by a platelet infusion or several. In this time of the Covid virus, I did not want to send this news in an impersonal text or the obituary. 

We are so pleased that we made the transition to The Waters in a timely fashion and that the house sale went through before the onslaught of this unusual time. We have been and will be strictly confined in our apartment for weeks. The staff and servers are exceptional and have been taking excellent care of all of us. We do not have a case of the virus yet in this building – knock on wood. They deliver our meals, mail and even take out the trash. We are not allowed visitors and wear masks when we leave for medical appointments as does the staff at all times. Fortunately, the Director has made an exception that we may have each of our children visit one at a time. We have been having wonderful Zoom conversations with the grandkids included. There is much news on that front as I write this. I will fill that in later. 

Memories are so many through the years and all the stages of life we have been through together; we can't begin to list them. Just think of all the “stages”, from school days, to college, to marriages and the military, many moves, babies, kid’s weddings, and parenting networks, sports and sitting on bleachers together, committee meetings, hockey and theatre and other events, community involvements and projects, volunteering for all kinds of things, church groups and mostly taking care of each other. I love you all and cherish all of this. There are more as I think about it, Mississippi River Boat cruises, morning picnics, Lake Mtka Flotillas, card games, golf, parties of an unusual sort, kidnappings and sunburns, birthdays, and lunches etc. etc. It goes on and on. 

I think we all write and remember better in the middle of the night. I have been writing this for a long time now and know I have forgotten a lot I should say but I didn’t want to get morbid about this situation. We know we are not going to depart this life alive and we have lived it abundantly and blessedly. Is it better to know or not know? I just wanted you all to know how I feel about you and that I have come to grips with my relationship with my Lord. Please keep my family in your hearts and minds.

Blessings to all, Martie