Martha Kasprzak

To all that are interested in helping,


My wife, Martha, has been diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia and Aphasia. We are both senior citizens. Martha is 76 year old and I am 80 years old. Martha was diagnosed with dementia less than a year ago. The dementia progressed rapidly which also evolved into Aphasia. There was no hope given by our doctors for recovery, only for further decline. After researching dementia on the internet, I came across hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT. HBOT, using 100%oxygen, has been around since the 50s and was originally used to treat the bends in deep sea diver and using air only, its been around for over 200 years. As an ancillary side affect of treating the bends, it was also found to heal severe wounds, including gangrene. Studies showed that breathing Oxygen under pressure is actually a medication that reduces inflammation, creates new blood vessels and increases stem cell production by 800%.These attributes are fundamental to curing a host of diseased organs at the cellular level. Finally, in this century it was found to significantly improve Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism and PTSD and TBI. Now at last I have hope that something could be done for Martha. I would love to have Martha be able to communicate with me again and regain her cognitive abilities. After the HBOT treatment Martha would also benefit from brain retraining with neurofeedback to reestablish her cognitive abilities that she lost due to dementia. The brain needs to be healed first before it can be retrained.


In the process of exploring HBOT, I have also found that there has been remarkable success in treating .Macular Degeneration. This is problem that I personally have and would like to get treated for with HBOT. Keeping my eye sight is essential to ongoing care for my family. A side benefit of the HOBT treatment is that it would also relieve my arthritis pain


Unfortunately, HBOT is not in the medical establishment mainstream, but is supported by a large group of MDs, the foremost of whom is Dr Paul Harch of LSU. Dr. Harch has treated Alzheimer’s, Autism and TBI patients with remarkable documented results. Since HBOT is not currently mainstream medicine, Medicare and insurance companies don’t provide benefits for this treatment.


I am the sole care giver for Martha as well as for my daughter Dana, who suffers from Down syndrome and is a kidney transplant recipient, who is about to receive yet another transplant. I am dedicated to keep both of them out of nursing homes or institutions. My own resources will be be strained to cover the cost of treatments. We survive on Social Security and a small IRA account,which was badly decimated and never recovered from the 2008 market crash, due to an imprudent fund manager. But, that’s another story. My goal is to not outlive my IRA account so that I can adequately provide for my family.


I am fortunate to have found a care facility in my area that can provide HBOT, Oxford Recovery Center, located in Brighton Michigan. My meeting with Oxford Recovery was very encouraging and I am determined to go forward with the treatments. The following is a cost breakdown for their services:


l 40 HBOT treatments $6,825 (discount price for prepayment) X 2 =$13,650 for Dementia and Macular Degeneration treatments.

l Genetic and Neurotransmitter lab tests and consultations $1,500

l Neurofeedback training 20 sessions for $1,800 (discount price for prepayment)


Total cost is $16,950. There will be ongoing HBOT maintenance costs if the initial treatment is successful.


This isn’t a great deal of money considering the potential benefits. I would sincerely appreciate any help that I can get to defray any or all of the costs.

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The following are URLs for articles and videos regrading HBOT, which will provide more detail than I have supplied in this letter.


Kindest regards,


Vince Kasprzak

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