Marlene Styles Marlene's CancerJourney

First post: Mar 5, 2017 Latest post: May 28, 2022
Hey it's just me... Marlene. It's nearly impossible for me to keep up with everyone and update you all individually so I hope this will help to keep you all in the loop:) Please know that I am sharing this roller coaster ride with everyone with the hope that it will help others that may benefit from my experiences.  Not looking for sympathy..... just support and prayers ❤
 Just so people know, donating to the tributes on here are what makes me be able to use this site.... it goes directly to this website, not to me :)  The link to my GoFundMe page is also listed under Ways to Help. That is the only direct way of donating to myself and my family. 
This journey is much easier to share with everyone by using an online journal. Cards keep coming, positive thoughts, prayers and kind word help me get through each day! Thank you to my tribe for all you do!