Mark Phillips

First post: Dec 13, 2021 Latest post: Dec 29, 2021
Even though vaccinated, Mark tested positive for COVID the weekend of November 13th.  After not feeling much relief, on Wednesday, Dec 1st he met with the doctor and was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism (PE)/Blood clot in his lung.  He was prescribed a blood thinner (sent home because there are no beds available) and began healing again.  After a week at home of progressively getting worse, he was brought into the Emergency Room on Wednesday, Dec 8th. It was there that they found Pneumonia which had turned septic.  He needed to be admitted to the ICU, but due to "no hospital beds" anywhere in the State of MN, the ER was where he stayed until Friday, Dec 10th when an ICU bed opened up in Duluth.  After more tests there, it was found that the PE/ bloodclot had dissolved AND the Sepsis was under control and no longer showing on the labs!  This was a great step in his recovery.  Now it's the Pneumonia that we are working through.  There has been talk of needing a ventilator, but at this point, he is holding his own and keeping his stats stable, although he is on 15ML/heavy oxygen flow.  I created this caringbridge so I could make sure that I am able to update all of his/our loving family and friends.  Please remember Mark in your thoughts and prayers.  And stay tuned here for updates. - Stephanie