Mark Wright

First post: Mar 18, 2022
As many of you know, I've been suffering from me/cfs, fibromyalgia, and non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy since 2018. None of these are curable; all of them are debilitating. 

I've been trying to find cures and push through the fatigue, brain fog, and pain for years. Even with accommodations from my university, it got harder and harder for me to get through my lectures, and my unrelenting cognitive dysfunction made research all but impossible. In other words, I was a research professor that couldn't publish and could barely teach. 

My primary care doctor—who has known me long before I developed all these conditions—had seen me declining and was worried that if I continued to work I'd make myself irreparably worse. I needed to accept the fact that I am permanently disabled. It's a hard, bitter pill to swallow, but I had to stop working and apply for permanent disability. 

My disability insurance only covers me fully until June, then halfway until the end of the year so my financial future is very uncertain. 

I will  also be starting an experimental new treatment on Tuesday, March 22nd, that involves cycling my blood through a machine to add oxygen and ozone to it then pumping it right back into me. A limited study just published in December gives me some hope. It's not a cure, but a weekly treatment that should make me a bit more functional, both cognitively and physically. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover it, and it is ghastly expensive and will likely run me about $1200 per month.

With that context, I have set up a Patreon and a Ko-fi account, and would be incredibly grateful for anything you might be able to chip in.
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While I'll likely still spend most of my days in bed (I'm tapping this out while flat on my back), the difference is when I work, I'm so fatigued and cognitively spent that I barely have the strength to speak to my wife and I'm in too much pain to snuggle with my daughter. 

Acceptance has been hard, but I'll just have to dream new dreams and set new goals. You can feel sad for me, but please don't worry about me. I'll be okay, I promise. Despite everything that's going on, I still feel very, very blessed.