Marjorie Louise Rable

First post: Jun 24, 2018 Latest post: Jul 6, 2018

Due to a cascade of worsening critical health issues,  Marjorie Louise, better known as "Weezie", was placed on hospice effective June 14, 2018.  Her heart, increasingly damaged by years of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, eventually prevented her lower extremities from being perfused with the results that she was losing toes and walking became painful and almost impossible.   The femoral arteries in both legs were opened and stents inserted but the heart itself continues to worsen.  In addition, the extensive bowel reconfiguration done over 20 years ago has failed.   Other health conditions required doses of medications with side effects that made her feel sick daily.  Then pneumonia set in while she was in a rehabilitation facility.  While in the hospital yet again,  her many doctors, agreeing no cures were possible, suggested hospice.   After prayers, and painful consideration, she and her loving husband, Jim,  made the hard and courageous decision to go on hospice.

Her hospice chaplain asked Weezie what her goals are while in hospice.  She said she had four:  to have peace, to have no fear, to listen to those that love her, and to tell those she loves that she loves them.