Marisha Francis

First post: May 27, 2022
Marisha has struggled with headaches, migraines, seizures and passing out throughout the entirety of her life. She has broken her nose four times from falls  on separate occasions from blacking and passing out. While in Oregon she blacked out, fell, and hit her head then proceeded to have a seizure.  The next morning she then drove herself to the emergency room where they did a CT scan and found she had obstructive hydrocephalus due to lesion thought to be congenital, but inoperable due to the location.

She was then sent to OHSU where they diagnosed her with Chiari Malformation, POTS, obstructive hydrocephalus, & two different “growths,” awaiting biopsy.

Marisha is now being seen by UF Health in Gainesville & Jacksonville.

We appreciate any words of encouragement & welcome all prayers & good energy!
Thanks for all your support!