Marion Brett Werth

First post: Feb 21, 2020 Latest post: Feb 29, 2020
Our beloved mom, Marion Brett Werth, began hospice care yesterday after a long battle with a variety of chronic ailments. This last bout of suffering and a string of near-miss healtyh crises are coming to an end now. She is in the care of family around the clock in the home of our sister Cindy and her husband, Joe, according to her wishes. Our four sisters have provided amazing tag-team care, with Winnie on the front line of late, while the two brothers support in our own ways - often as cheerleaders and agents for comic relief. Beside our profound grief at the impending loss of this amazing woman, is an dazzling amount of gratitude for the gift of her life and the values she and our dad instilled in us, in addition to their life lessons and loving care. Near the top of our values list has always been Family. Our parents ensured that we had access to extended family throughout our lives, and they modeled loving support. As a result we are rich with the bounty of family and familial friends.

Mom appears to be relatively comfortable now. As she cannot communicate well and is in and out of consciousness, direct communication with our beloved community is not manageable at this time. We offer this site as a gathering place for information and to share sentiments, memories, prayers... whatever you wish to offer up. We ask that you not call Winnie's or Mom's phone lines directly as these are needed for medical contact and the emotional and physical energies are challenging to manage. Feel free to send email to Mom's address or to post messages and notes here.

Thank you for being part of Mom's cherished and beloved community.

     - Craig on behalf of Mom, Cindy, Christy, Charlie, Winnie, and Marion