Marilyn Sickels Marilyn Ward Sickels

First post: Feb 5, 2022 Latest post: Jun 24, 2023
We all know our Mom/Marilyn as a fighter, and invite your encouraging words and prayers as she faces her biggest battle yet.  

Our Mom was admitted to Baltimore-Washington Medical Center for a suspected blood clot on January 24.  This came as a surprise as she had just had a wonderful visit to the west coast to see her brother and Ward family the prior week.  They diagnosed her as having had a heart attack and she was being evaluated for a blood clot.  Unfortunately, she was not able to get a heart catheterization.  At BWMC Stacey and Susie were able to have alternating visits and we facilitated Facetime calls with family, friends, and her Woods Church community.  

After suffering a stroke, she was transferred to the Acute Stroke Rehabilitation Unit at Johns Hopkins Bay View.  Bay View, due to COVID, only allowed one person to visit over a 7 day period.  Daughter Susie has remained by Mom's side every day.  In addition to paralysis on her right side, an MRI confirmed osteomyelitis in the fingers of both her left and right hand.  After a big push of antibiotics 24/7, doctors have concluded that amputation is immanent.  Her most serious issue at the moment is heart failure, with her ejection fraction "EF" at 15.  Doctor's explained that her arterial disease (in the arteries of the brain) could "throw" another clot at any time.  With an under functioning heart, fluid is building up in her limbs and lungs, which brought on a persistent cough.  Due to Mom's kidney disease, Doctors are not able to do the catheterization procedure that uses a contrast dye.   Thanks to Covid numbers dropping in the State of Maryland, Stacey and Susie are now allowed alternating visits, and able to facilitate more Facetime calls.

Despite colon cancer, a head on collision that broke Mom's neck, 2 simultaneously broken shoulders, decades of diabetic issues, kidney disease, and overcoming breast cancer just last year, Cousin Martie reminds us to have faith in Marilyn's INDOMITABLE SPIRIT to deal with adversity!  

Please share your thoughts and well wishes.  We read them to her daily.  Cards may be mailed to 65 Baldwin Hill Road South, Great Barrington, MA 01230.  

-- Susie and Stacey (Marilyn's daughters)