Marilyn Stavenger

First post: Jun 30, 2014 Latest post: Feb 27, 2019
As most of you know I had my right kidney removed on February 8, 2013 with follow up cystoscopes every three months and periodic CT scans.  In mid-May, by a very lucky happenstance, the CT abdominal scan caught the lower part of my lungs and a very perceptive radiologist saw tiny nodules and requested a CT Scan of the lungs.  With two procedures – the last a lung biopsy on June 18 – it was discovered that I have metastatic cancer in both lungs. 

I’ve been spending recent days thinking and praying about options and seeking information to make good decisions related to QUALITY of life in the weeks and months ahead.  The only viable treatment program is chemotherapy.  The oncologist projects six treatments, three weeks apart, beginning July 3.  I’m having a final consultation with him, but am leaning toward accepting two or three initial treatments prior to another CT Scan to access what’s happening.

I will post updates so everyone gets the same information in a timely manner. I welcome your expressions of support and invite your prayers for healing (which I have never defined as cure).  God’s healing power and your love and care will give me renewed strength, faith, and courage for whatever lies ahead

When the great Japanese Christian, Kagawa, was found hoeing his garden one day a passerby asked what he would do if he found out he would die the next day.  Kagawa said, “I would go on hoeing my garden”.  Please know my goal is not mere survival: it is to going on “hoeing my garden”.  I will continue my ministry at Peace UCC and Eden Seminary so long as energy allows.  The last two mornings I have enjoyed weeding my vegetable garden.

I’m feeling well and enjoying time with friends.  I am richly blessed to have nearly 80 years (September 19) to live and laugh and love. June 25, I celebrated 53 years of ordained ministry – a life I have cherished. So now I move forward with faith that sustains me and absolute trust in the promises of God. I am loved; my life has had meaning – what more could I ask?  I invite you to walk with me on the journey ahead.